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特別講演会 "Public interest in international investment law and arbitration"

当プログラムでは特別講演会"Public interest in international investment law and arbitration"を開催いたします。

The seminar will focus on recent discussions concerning the relationship between international investment arbitration and matters of public interest such as human rights. The seminar is opened to the public and is dedicated to students and academics interested in a cross-disciplinary research concerning international investment arbitration and other fields of international law such as sustainable development or human rights.

Prof. Anna De Luca, GSID Research Fellow, Nagoya University (Bocconi University, Milano, Italy);
PhD Filip Balcerzak, WSB University, Poznań, Poland.

題目: "Public interest in international investment law and arbitration"

開催日: 2017年1月13日(金曜日)

時間: 15:30 - 18:30

開場: 名古屋大学アジア法交流館レクチャールーム3

15:30 - Welcome address
15:35 - Introductory words
15:45 - Protecting host state's public interests: recent trends in investment case-law and treaty practice
 (Prof. Anna de Luca, Bocconi University/Nagoya University)
16:15 - Human Rights and investment law and arbitration
 (PhD Filip Balcerzak, WSB University)
16:45 - Q&A/discussions
18:25 - Closing remarks