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Leading Graduate School women's association for the future career

Female students studying in leading graduate school programs got together to share and talk about their worries and anxiety with each other and to get inspirations listening to female professionals who are playing an active role in societies. We introduce participants' voices.

On the first day, Ms. Tominaga gave a keynote speech, sharing her experience and lessons of her career and life from a female perspective. We gained great encourage from her works. Furthermore, we got better understanding of the importance of perseverance.

It was a pleasure to have met other leading students who are pursuing their studies in different universities while participating in this event. During the event, we heard from women speakers working in various industries as they shared their experiences on overcoming all forms of obstacles in life, primarily on attaining the much sought after work-life balance.

During the discussion of the two days, I not only have a clearer picture of my future, but also have more confidence in being a working female in the future. Even though I am now still in my master course, I still find this topic very meaningful to me since it contains problems that I might encounter in the future. I think such an opportunity is meaningful to me at this time, when I will soon be facing the next big choice in life concerning what I want to do in the future.

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