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Asian Language Lessons (Indonesian)

The program for Leading Graduate Schools "Cross-Border Legal Institution Design" offers students Asian language lessons. This is because while we expect students to conduct research on law and/or politics of Asia, it is difficult to research law and politics of any non-English countries including most of Asian countries in depth using only English. Also, Asian language skills will help students communicating with other members when conducting group research on law and/or politics of Asia.

This time, we observed a class of Indonesian language instructed by Ms. Akiko Iwata.

After a word review quiz, students read a folk story. What it is aimed at is not only the reading comprehension, but also the cultural understanding.

Students are being engaged in a peer-reading. They help each other sharing their knowledge. Explaining the other student is a good opportunity to learn deeper and review what you have learned.

When students make grammar and/or vocabulary errors, Ms. Iwata give them useful tips and explanations, which came from her extensive knowledge of the language as an experienced simultaneous interpreter.

Studying an Asian language is voluntary and no credits are given for it. It is not easy to acquire a language, but students are making every effort for their future.

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