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Attending the third Student Meeting of Leading Graduate Schools

Name: HO, Wan-Chen
Date: 20-21 June 2015
Place: Hokkaido University, Japan

I really appreciated I had this opportunity to attend the Leading Program conference in Hokkaido. The most impressive part for me was the special lecture giving by Ph.D. Mamoru Mohri, who is the first Japanese astronaut. He encouraged all students to conduct their researches from "problem-solving" to "challenging the unknown." "Problem-solving”is the fundamental skill of task-oriented research. It is the most critical point when we collect background, organize the issue, adjust the research direction and enforce the research planning. “Challenging the unknown” combines with senses of brave and imagination. To require these skills, young people should study harder and being creative. These ways of thinking are surprisingly similar to the methods we learned from the lectures in Nagoya University. No matter in science field, but in law field, the road to success is to some extent same.

From this conference, I realized our “Cross-border legal institution design” program under Graduate School of Law is relatively unique among all leading programs. We are the only program specialized in law. Therefore, it makes us more outstanding. However, in the workshop session, which gathers students from different fields in order to propose the solution to the designated issue, we found that our imagination were limited to what we studied. We can only propose the policy or law suggestions to the issue that we thought were more practical and realistic. But other students from science and medical schools, they tended to solve the problem in the early stage, such as design a mechanism for prevention purpose. It was quite different and seemed more efficient, even though some of suggestions are unrealistic one. This interesting finding depends on "How do you see the world?"

To sum, I liked Dr. Mamoru Mohri’s saying that all the leading students should have “Big picture” in our minds, and “Think Ahead.” What it can also, he addressed the importance of “tsunagari.” From these precious chances, we not only learned some big picture of research, the most important part is to make tsunagari with other leading students from other universities.

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