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Report of the national meeting of leading graduate school students

We introduce you reports from students of Nagoya University “Cross-Border Legal Institution Design” program who attended the third Student Meeting of Leading Graduate Schools held in Sapporo, Hokkaido on June 20th and 21st, 2015.

・Meeting and working with other students from different countries and also from the different department was a very great opportunity to broaden my perspectives and knowledge. I worked with students from department of engineer and department of pharmaceutical. I realized that for solving one problem, cooperation with different people with different specialization is needed.

・I was specially motivated to improve and polish my research studies by a comment I got from the President of Japanese Association of Science &Technology Journalists. He said, “We need people like you. People who are specialized in law. Because you know how to do things in the right way. And you are motivated to solve societal problems.” So, I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate in this Student Meeting of Leading Graduate Schools.

・I was so impressed with the speech of Mr. Mamoru Mouri since there is no astronaut in Taiwan. In the beginning of speech, I could not realize its relationship with my PhD program. However, the speech is not only sharing his experiences in outer space but also giving us the innovative life style. I remembered he tried to ask everybody what the function of panel on satellite is. Almost every engineer student answers it is solar panel for generating power to supply electricity. However, it is a mirror panel to reflect the light in order to prevent overheating. I realized if we only focus on one side, and we probably cannot see the other sides.

・Group discussions with students from different leading graduate school programs made me realize that to collaborate with people who have different backgrounds are important. Through dealing with one issue with students from science and engineering majors and trying to find a suitable solution, I found that thinking from different perspectives is effective. For example, when we discussed about the regulation of pesticides, we could share ideas from not only legislation but also chemistry and medical science. This experience gave me a new perspective that every subject is connected and it is effective to think from various aspects.

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