“The European Human Rights System beyond Europe-Interaction with Asia”


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9/12・13 Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law・名古屋大学法政国際教育協力研究センター(CALE)・ヨーロッパ人権裁判所判例研究会共催国際ワークショップ ウィーン経済経営大学(WU)    
Grand Festivity Hall


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Friday,12 September 2014
(1) 午前   Opening
(2)   Michael Holoubek(WU) Welcome Address
(3)   Kaoru Obata(Nagoya University) Introduction – Keynote Speech
Session 1
(4)   Akiko Ejima(Meiji University) Emerging Transjudicial Dialogue on Human Rights at the Supreme Court of Japan
(5)   Maya Hertig Randall(University of Geneva) Judicial Human Rights Dialogue in Europe
Session 2
(6) 午後 Christina Binder(University of Vienna) The Concept of Margin of Appreciation
(7)   Carla Zoethout(University of Amsterdam) Rethinking Adjudication under the European Convention
Session 3
(8)   Konrad Lachmayer(University of Vienna) Migration of Fundamental Rights Ideas in Europe
(9)   Marcus Klamert(Austrian Federal Chancellary) The EU Accession to the ECHR
(10)   Stephan Hinghofer-Szalkay(Max Planck Institute Heidelberg) EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and ECHR: Questions of Interrelation
Saturday,13 September 2014
Session 4
(11) 午前 Vaidotas Vaičaitis(University of Vilnius) Judicial Dialogue: Comparative Law in National Case Law
(12)   Yasuzo Kitamura(Chuo University) Japan’s Reluctant Acceptance of International Human Rights Standards: The Implication of Cultural Diversity
Session 5
(13) 午後 Kuong Teilee (Center for Asian Legal Exchange, Nagoya University) Reference to ECHR Case Law in Khmer Rouge Trials
(14)   Axel Bormann(Institut für Ostrecht) Expansion of Fundamental Rights Norms in Greater Europe: Twenty-five years' Experience in Central and Eastern Europe
(15)     Concluding Remarks