Temporary Leave and Re-entry into Japan

When going abroad, students are expected to consult with their academic advisor and then submit the necessary document to the students affairs section of Law office ( Kyomu-gakusei-gakari ). The form is available at the office.

International students must obtain a re-entry permit form the Immigration Bureau in advance of departure. They will not be permitted to re-enter Japan without re-entry permit from the Immigration.

Part-time Work and Permission

International Students who hold ‘College Student’ status may only engage in activities related to study and research. However, under the revised Immigration Law, effective since June 1990, international students have been allowed part-time jobs if their goal is to earn money for school tuition and other expenses. Students wishing to work on a part-time basis must apply for permission. Those working without this permit, and those who fail to follow the regulations pertaining to the permit, will be fined and in some cases, deported.

Undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students and research students who are pursuing research on a particular topic under supervision of an academic advisor may work a maximum of 28 hours per week. Auditors are permitted to work a maximum of 14 hours per week. During long vacations, any students with the necessary permit may work a maximum of 8 hours per day.

Procedures for Obtaining Permission to Work

Students will be required to submit necessary documents including a copy of alien registration card (front and back) to the student affairs section of Law office. The application form and other documents are available at the office. The intentional student exchange division of the University shall, twice a month, submit the documents to the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau on the students’ behalf. Once processing procedures are complete, the permits will be returned to the students affairs section of Law office and students may then collect them.

Alien Registration

All foreign nationals residing in Japan for more than 90 days must register at a local ward office, which governs their residence under the Alien Registration Law in Japan. Therefore, international students are also required to apply for alien registration during their first 90 days.

Initial Registration

New international students, who are required to submit the registration number of the alien registration at the university registration, are required to apply for it immediately after their residence are fixed.

The following items are required when registering at the local ward office:

Application form

Valid passport

2 photos (4.5 cm × 3.5 cm) taken within 6 months of application

Issuance of the certificate will take about two weeks and can be obtained at the ward office after presenting their passport. Please remember to carry this card with you at all times.

Change of Registered Items

Any change of the registered items: the period of stay, status, address (new local ward office), name etc., must be reported to the local ward office within 14 days.

When Leaving Japan

When foreigners including international students who leave Japan without a re-entry permit, will be asked to return their Alien Registration card at the point of departure.