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Insurance flier (Japanese)
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Required insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Nagoya University is a member of the scheme for “Personal Accident Insurance for Students pursuing Education and Research”, a group insurance policy open to all students enrolled in University programs. Please note the following with respect to this insurance scheme:

  • Membership is mandatory for all undergraduate students;
  • Membership is encouraged for all graduate students and research students (application forms should be provided during University registration);
  • Membership is open to those auditing classes in the University.

Details on this scheme, including its (modest) premiums and terms of coverage, are available both in English and in Japanese, via the links at the top right of this page. Further information is available from the Student Affairs Section.

Insurance for Automobiles and Motorcycles

International students are strongly advised against driving automobiles, including motorcycles, in Japan. (JDS and JICA fellows are prohibited from driving such vehicles.)

Traffic accidents commonly result in obligations that exceed the individual’s ability to pay the costs, unless covered by both compulsory automobile liability insurance, (jibaiseki-hoken in Japanese) and voluntary automobile insurance (nin’i-hoken).

Under the Automobile Liability Security Law, every operator of a motor vehicle or motorcycle is required to take out a compulsory automobile liability insurance (CALI) policy. Failure to do so will result in punishment under this law. The CALI policy attaches to the vehicle. Because motorcycles and light automobiles are exempted from periodic vehicle inspections, the owner or the user may be unaware whether the CALI policy has been taken out for that vehicle. It is the operator’s responsibility to be certain that the CALI policy is up to date.

The Nagoya University Co-op provides some options for this form of insurance.

Recommended insurance

Supplemental accident insurance

In addition, we strongly recommend that students purchase supplementary private insurance for personal accidents and sickness, including compensation for damage to others. This insurance can be purchased at a reasonable premium through the University Co-op.

Health care services

Information on medical care and National Health Insurance coverage is available from the ECIS website by navigating to “Information for International Students” → “Daily Life” → “Medical and Health Care”.