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Graduate School of Law contacts

  • Accounting Section

    The Accounting Section, or kaikei kakari, is the office to which payments to the University must be made.

    Tel: +81-(0)52-789-2314
    Fax: +81-(0)52-789-4873
    (label faxes “To: GSL Accounts”)
    Note: 81 is the country code of Japan

  • Alumni Association

    The Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Law can be contacted by email. The address is

    Send email the Graduate School of Law Alumni Association

  • Career Service Office

    Associate Professor Tomio Nakano is the GSL Career Advisor. He is available for consultation concerning internship and career matters.

    Tel: 052-789-4538

  • The Dean’s Secretary

    The secretary to the Dean coordinates the Dean’s schedule, and handles correspondence between the Graduate School of Law and the central offices of the University.

    Tel: 052-789-2312

  • General Affairs Section

    The General Affairs Section, or shomu kakari, is where the records of staff, including students employed as teaching and research assistants, are maintained.

    Tel: +81-(0)52-789-4901
    Fax: +81-(0)52-789-2666
    (label faxes “To: GSL General Affairs”)
    Note: 81 is the country code of Japan

  • International Student Advisor

    The International Student Advisor in the Graduate School of Law can be consulted regarding any matters relating to overseas students.

    Tel & Fax: 052-789-4910

    Send email to the International Student Advisor

  • Law School

    The Law School within the Graduate School of Law is a postgraduate training program for law, with the purpose of preparing students for the Japanese Bar Examination and for work as legal professionals.

    Visit the Law School website

  • Network and Computing Support

    The Network Advisor is Ms. Tomizaki, her office is in room 316 of the Law building. The Network Advisor is reponsible for the support of network systems and faculty support services, and is the primary point of contact for applications for the ID to use the Lexis/Nexis legal research database.

    Send Lexis/Nexis application mail to the Network Advisor
    (include your name, program, and student number)

    Visit the Lexis/Nexis information service

  • School of Law

    The Japanese-taught undergraduate programs of the faculty are provided by the School of Law, the faculty of which is coextensive with the Graduate School of Law.

    Visit the School of Law website

  • School of Law Volunteers (SOLV)

    SOLV is a student association authorized by the School of Law. Its goals are to help foreign students of Nagoya University Graduate School of Law in daily school life and to promote cultural exchange between SOLV members and foreign students. SOLV is managed by undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Law.

    Visit the SOLV website

  • Student Affairs Section

    Contact the Student Affairs Section concerning applications, transcripts, and required student filings. The office was recently moved, and is now located in Room 104, on the first floor of the Integrated Research Building.

    Student Affairs Section
    Graduate School of Law
    Nagoya University
    Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku
    Nagoya 464-8601

    Tel: +81-(0)52-789-2316
    Tel: +81-(0)52-789-2317
    Fax: +81-(0)52-789-4921
    (label faxes “To: GSL Student Affairs”)
    Note: 81 is the country code of Japan

    Send email to the Student Affairs Section

Nagoya University contacts

  • Center for Asian Legal Exchange (CALE)

    The Center for Asian Legal Exchange sponsors symposia and conferences on topics related to Asian legal cooperation and assistance.

    Tel: 052-789-2325
    Fax: 052-789-4902

    Visit the CALE website

  • Center for Student Counseling (NUCSC)

    Staff at the Center for Student counseling are available for consultations concerning the problems and pressures students face from schoolwork, career worries, and inter-personal relationships. The Center also offers therapy and medication for mental problems including sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety.

    Tel: 052-789-5805

    Visit the NUCSC website

  • Central Library

    The Nagoya University Central Library provides circulation and reference service, including inter-library load, photocopying and computer-based retrieval. Central Library staff maintain the online union catalog of all books in Nagoya University.

    Visit the Nagoya University Central Library website.

  • Directory Service

    The Nagoya University online directory service provides basic staff contact details. The service is available only from within the University network, and a staff ID and password are required.

    Access the University Directory
    (Japanese interface)

  • Disaster Management Office

    The Nagoya University Disaster Management Office coordinates disaster preparation, and publishes materials for staff and students on disaster preparation and countermeasures.

    Visit the Disaster Management Office website

    Download the English leaflet on earthquake safety

  • Education Center for International Students (ECIS)

    The ECIS office should be consulted regarding visa, work permit and other matters requiring official action by the University.

    Visit the ECIS website

  • Graduate School of Languages and Cultures

    The Graduate School of Languages and Cultures (GSLC) offers opportunities for graduate study in a wide variety of languages and cultures, with emphasis on critical and theoretical as well as practical approaches to the diverse issues of modern international society.

    Visit the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures website

  • Handbook for International Students

    The Nagoya University Handbook for International Students is a valuable source of information on topics ranging from visa requirements to the cost of living. If you have questions, you are likely to find the answer here.

    Download the PDF version of the Handbook for International Students
    (2.8 megabytes)

  • International Student Exchange Division

    The International Student Exchange Division is the top-level administrative office in charge of international student matters in the University. The offices of the ISA, NUPACE, and ECIS all respond to the International Student Exchange Division.

    Visit the website of the International Student Exchange Division

  • International Housing Section 1

    Section 1 of the International Housing Section under the International Student Exchange Division of the University administers the Ryugakusei Kaikan (Foreign Students House), the International Residence, International Ohmeikan, Idaka International House, and Noyori International House.

    Tel: 052-789-2197
    Fax: 052-783-0356

  • International Housing Section 2

    Section 2 of the International Housing Section under the International Student Exchange Division of the University administers the Ryugakusei Kaikan.

    Tel & Fax: 052-853-2901

  • International Student Advising Office (ISA)

    In addition to maintaining the University’s Handbook for International Students, the International Student Advising Office offers counseling and promotes international exchange between student communities. Watch for the ISA logo-mark on posters and announcements around campus.

    Tel: 052-789-6117
    Fax: 052-788-6120

    Visit the ISA website

    Go to the Handbook for International Students entry in this page

  • MyNU Portal

    The MyNU portal site is one of the central websites of the University, currently used principally to manage undergraduate classes. Login is possible only from within the University.

    Visit the MyNU portal

  • Nagoya University website

    The main Nagoya University website is a useful source of information, including contact details for University-level inquiries, introductory pages on faculties and facilities, and a statistical overview of the University population. Pages in English are available.

    Visit the Nagoya University website

    Visit the Nagoya University website

  • Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE)

    The NUPACE office handles all matters relating to students enrolled for year-abroad or semester-abroad study.

    Visit the NUPACE website

  • Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness, and Sports

    The Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness, and Sports manages the University sports facilities, including the swimming pool. Their website is the official source of information on the opening hours of the pool.

    Visit the website of the Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness, and Sports

  • Sexual Harassment Help Desk

    To address issues of sexual harassment, Nagoya University has set up a Sexual Harassment Help Desk staffed by professional counselors. Consultations are strictly confidential. For consultations in English, please write to the mail address below for an appointment, indicating that English is your preferred language.

    Visit the Sexual Harassment Help Desk website

    Send email to the Sexual Harassment Help Desk

  • Travel Office

    To simplify the processing of requests for travel expenses, a system of seven Excel spreadsheets was introduced with supporting documentation and amendments to University regulations from April 1st, 2007. To conform to the new procedures, members of staff must have a copy of their personally issued Excel spreadsheet, which will have been delivered via email on or after the effective date of the new regulations. Everything else that is required to research the application procedures and construct a valid set of application documents can be obtained via the link below.

    Visit the Nagoya University Travel Office (Accessible only from on-campus IP addresses)

  • University Co-op

    The University Co-op operates cafeterias and concessions on campus.

    Visit the insurance policy sales site of the University Co-op

Outside contacts

  • American Red Cross Disaster Services

    The American Red Cross offers simple guides on steps you can take to prepare your home for possible disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Guides are available in Khmer, Chinese, English, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Russian and Vietnamese and several other languages.

    Visit the American Red Cross Disaster Services website

  • Automobile Insurance Claims Consulting Center

    The Automobile Insurance Claims Consulting Center is a free automobile accident dispute resolution service sponsored by the insurance industry.

    Sakaemachi Building 6F
    Nishiki 3-chome

    Tel: 052-583-9755
    (9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 Mon-Fri)

  • Disaster Emergency messaging service

    On the first day of every month, the Dial 171 Diaster Emergency messaging service is open for trial use. The service can be used to leave messages giving your whereabouts and to confirm your safety in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. The voice guidance of the system is in Japanese, but an English website is available for those who wish to practice in advance.

    Visit the Disaster Emergency messaging service website

  • Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)

    The Japan International Cooperation Center coordinates and monitors the Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) program.

    Visit the JICE website top page

    Visit the JDS scholarships area

  • Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

    The Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers examinations for the Embassy Recommendation scholarship award at its embassies and consulates general worldwide.

    Visit the list of Japanese embassies and consulates general

  • Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

    The JASSO website is a comprehensive portal for information on study in Japan, including links to universities and scholarship programs. JASSO also administers the Examination for Japanese University admission for International Students (EJU), used as one of the criteria for admission to undergraduate study in the School of Law.

    Visit the JASSO top page

    Visit the scholarships page

    Visit the EJU examination page
    Note that the Nagoya University School of Law does not participate in the Pre-Arrival Admission scheme

  • Lexis-Nexis information service

    The Graduate School of Law has an institutional subscription to the Lexis-Nexis law and current events information service. Students may apply for the service by sending an application by email to the Network Advisor. After obtaining an ID and password, registered students can access Lexis/Nexis service free of charge via the link below.

    Log in to the Lexis/Nexis information service

  • Study in Japan website

    The Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a multilingual website with general information for applicants, and a particularly useful database of Japan alumni associations. Graduates may also be interested in the Tsudoi program, through which graduates active in alumni affairs in some jurisdictions may be invited back to Japan for one-week cultural and exchange events.

    Visit the Study in Japan website top page

    Visit the alumni database page
    (click on the map for your region)

    Visit the Tsudoi Program page