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Earlier files (now out of date) are available for reference.

The School of Law actively promotes internships at the undergraduate and graduate levels, for home students and overseas students alike. For overseas students, workplace internships can be arranged in corporate legal departments, law offices, public institutions, and international organizations.

For overseas students enrolled in the LL.M. (Comparative Law) program, participation in an internship is not recognized as a formal subject for credit. Nonetheless, many students have found this to be a valuable part of the Nagoya experience, and the demand for places on the program is high. Participating corporations include six members of the the Toyota group: Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso Corporation, Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd., Toyota Industries Corporation, Toyoda Machine Works Ltd., and Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd.

The internship selection process begins each year with a call for applications at the end of June.