Name Miyuki WATANABE
Academic post Professor
Faculty of appointment GSL
Office 333
Phone 4907
Degrees LL.B from Tohoku University
Office hours Generally available, by appointment. Students may wish to make contact by email.
Research interests Rechtskraft, Arbitration, Fundamental theory of civil procedure
Readings recommended to prospective applicants Yasuhei Taniguchi, "Between Verhandlungsmaxime and Adversary System-In Search for Place of Japanese Civil Procedure", Gottwald & Prütting Hrsg., Festschrift für Karl Heinz Schwab, C. H. Beck, München, Germany, 1990.
Preparation suggestions for prospective applicants Applicants should have a basic understanding of the structure of litigation and civil procedure, and an awareness of the differing roles and responsibilities of the court and the parties in the Common Law and the Continental legal systems.