Academic post Professor
Faculty of appointment LS+GSL
Office 419
Phone 2342
Degrees LL.D., Nagoya University, 2000
Office hours By appointment via email
Publications Balancing Social and Corporate Culture in the Global Economy: The Evaluation of Japanese Corporate Structure and Norms, 24 Law & Policy 299-354 (with Janis Sarra, 2002)
Research interests Mergers and Acquisitions, History of Corporate Law, Corporate Law and Securities Regulation in Canada

Research Associate, School of Law, Nagoya University, 1991-1993

Assistant Professor, School of Law, Chukyo University, 1993-1996

Associate Professor, School of Law, Nagoya University, 1996-2005

Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, 2002-2005

Professor, School of Law, Nagoya University, 2005 to Present

Guest professor

Visiting Scholar, University of California at Berkeley 1992-1993

Visiting Scholar, University of Victoria, 1998

Visiting Scholar, University of Calgary, 2001

Visiting Scholar, University of British Columbia, 2001

Visiting Scholar, University of British Columbia, 2007

Memberships Japan Association of Private Law
Readings recommended to prospective applicants

・Robert Clark, Corporate Law (Little & Brown; 1986)

・Reinier Kraakman et. Al, The Anatomy of Corporate Law: A Comparative and

Functional Approach (Oxford University Press; 2nd ed. 2009)

Preparation suggestions for prospective applicants Applicants should show a close familiarity with at least two of the works listing under recommended readings, and should show clear evidence that they well understand the law related to their research theme in their own jurisdiction.