Name Akiko SAITO
Academic post Associate Professor
Faculty of appointment GSL
Office 314
Phone 2338
Degrees LL.M. (University of Kyoto 1999)
Office hours Generally available, by appointment. Students are asked to make contact by email.

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Research interests Criminal Law, Complicity, Omission

Associate Professor of Law, Kanazawa University, April 2001 to March 2007

Associate Professor of Law, Nagoya University, April 2007 to present

Memberships The Criminal Law Society of Japan
Readings recommended to prospective applicants Shigemitsu Dando, The Criminal Law of Japan: the general part, B.J. George transl., Publications of the Comparative Criminal Law Project, v. 19 (1997).
Preparation suggestions for prospective applicants As very few materials are available in English on Japanese criminal law and the criminal justice system, and as crime control is closely related to local culture and social norms, in order to achieve a better understanding of Japanese society and culture from the overseas study experience, it is desirable for applicants to achieve a certain level of competence in Japanese.