Name Ayako HARADA
Academic post Professor
Faculty of appointment GSL

LL.B. (Kyoto University Faculty of Law, Mar. 2000)

LL.M. (Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Mar. 2002)

LL.D. (Kyoto University Graduate School of Law, Mar. 2007)


HARADA, Ayako (2008), America's struggle with child abuse crisis: prevention efforts and family welfare policies, Minerva Shobo, Kyoto, Japan, 300 pages. (In Japanese)

HARADA, Ayako (2010) "The Japanese Child Protection System: Developments in the Laws and the Issues Left Unsolved," in Bill Atkin (ed.) International Survey of Family Law 2010 Edition, Jordan Publishing Ltd., pp.217-235. (In English)

Research interests

Socio-legal analysis on the system dealing with children and family issues.

Comparative study of such system functiong in Japan and in the United States

Career Research Associate, Waseda University (Apr. 2009~Mar.2012)
Guest professor

Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan Law School (Oct.2003 ~Mar. 2004)

Visiting Researcher, Harvard Law School (Feb. 2008~Mar. 2009)


The Japanese Association of Sociology of Law

The Japan Society for Socio-Legal Studies on Family Issues

Japan Society of Comparative Law

Law and Society Association

International Society of Family Law