A Message from the Dean

The world one hundred years ago was embroiled in the First World War which saw the emergence of “total war,” something different to previous wars between states. Now, looking at the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, we can surmise that we are entering an era of wars on a new and different dimension.

What is the significance of studying law and politics in such a new era? Let us look for clues in the history of words. As is well known, the etymology of the word “politics” comes from the Ancient Greek word “polis” which means “city-state.” Similarly, in tracing back the history of law we arrive at “Roman law” which in Latin is rendered as “ius civile.” “Civile” is the adjective form of the noun “civitas” which means “city-state.” In this way, both politics and law derive from the Ancient Greek and Roman idea of the “city-state.”

It is said that our current 21st Century is the era of globalization, but it is important for us to grasp that the problems that are occurring on a worldwide scale are “civil” problems. In other words, fundamentally, globalization means the world as a whole achieving the same “domestic-level” for all. With this, it is important that we resolve our problems in a “civil” manner and not through force of arms. In this way, we must reaffirm the meaning of the word “civilization.”

Our Faculty is committed to diversity. In 2016 the Asian Legal Exchange Plaza, located in front of the Law School, opened to provide a space for cultural exchange in addition to research. Our Faculty boasts a wide range of staff, numbering over fifty members, and over one-thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students, of whom 15% are overseas students. In our environment, small-group education and student support are key features for the promotion of mutual understanding.

I truly hope that our students will all find the Nagoya University School of Law experience to be a profitable one, and that together we will prove a sound example of inclusion and excellence.

Mitsuki Ishii
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Law