Research Links

No list of research links provide complete coverage: the range of potential resources is as large as the law is wide. Here, we provide suitable starting points for degree students setting out on comparative research projects.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar is both a source of links to academic articles and to US case law, and works reasonably well with Multilingual Zotero.
JSTOR provides access to the text of a huge collection of academic articles. It does not contain the most current materials, but with that single caveat it is an excellent source for English-language material.
“Constitute” project
The “Constitute” project provides the constitutions of 160 countries, in English translation, in a readable uniform format.
Japan: Legislative Council
For readers of Japanese, the minutes of the Legislative Council law reform committees are an important resource for exploring legislative history.
Japan: Diet committee minutes
Again for readers of Japanese, the Diet Committee minutes can provide useful background to legislation. The government-maintained archive offers full-text search of minutes from all sessions from 1945.
Japan: Supreme Court website
As a third freely available source for readers of Japanese, the Japanese Supreme Court offers a somewhat cumbersome search interface to all Supreme Court judgments and a selection of lower court judgments.
Lao PDR: National Assembly
The laws of the Lao PDR are offered through a website maintained by the National Assembly.
Mongolia: Legislation
Mongolian legislation, including important acts and regulations at the Aimag level, are published through a single website.
United States: Cornell LII
The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University publishes the US Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and numerous other instruments of the national government.
United States: Lexis
Lexis is one of the leading providers of case law and other primary legal text in the US jurisdiction.
Uzbekistan: LexUZ
The LexUZ service publishes all decrees, laws and regulations of Uzbekistan.