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Course lists for individual programs are available to the right. The LL.M. (Comparative Law) is taught in two separate streams, in English and Japanese respectively. The Overseas Postgraduate Student Handbook covers both the LL.M. and LL.D. degrees of the Comparative Law curriculum.

The Leading Graduate School program is largely composed of compulsory subjects, but project work is an important element of the curriculum and the “On-Demand” seminars provide flexibility for students with particular objectives.

The Global 30 Program is a University-wide undergraduate degree, with Law and Politics as one of the major subjects. The list linked to the right is of courses offered under the “G30” program within our faculty.

The Online Writing Lab provides links to a variety of resources and support links useful to students engaged in thesis writing.

The Economics courses linked to the right are available as external units within the LL.M. (Comparative Law) program. Please see the Overseas Postgraduate Student Handbook for details.