Renumerate: extract totals and grand totals from OCR text
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Renumerate v.1.7
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Earlier files (now out of date) are available for reference.

This Python package provides document repair and analysis for financial data embedded in OCR text. Conservative heuristics are applied at the string level, followed by a line analysis that tries multiple assumptions against the text stream. The results are analyzed at document level, modelled as multiple assumptions covering all possible combinations for unresolved ambiguities. The top-level class object incomeStatement returns a set of numbers with attached metadata when a grand total is successfully identified, otherwise an empty string.

Operations are broken into discrete classes for ease of customization, and the code is supported by a reasonably thorough set of unit and integration tests. Line analysis and penalty formulas for choosing numeric clusters to discard during repeated attempts at resolution are pluggable, for full customizability to suit local requirements.

Version 1.7 incorporates a number of bug fixes that significantly increase the rate of successful resolution.