Connect to wireless LAN

Wireless network connections are available in many of the rooms around campus, including both the Law building and the Integrated Research Building where many classes are held. To access the wireless network, you must first create an account. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and log onto the wireless network.

If you are unable to connect to the network, and you are uable to sort out the problem after talking with your classmates, please feel free to ask for help via the mail address at the bottom of this page. We cannot promise to solve the problem for you, but we may be able help get you pointed toward a solution.

  • Preliminary notes

    Your computer needs to have a wireless network device (either a builtin device, or an add-on PCMCIA or USB card) to access wireless networks. If you need a card, these are sold at most electronic stores and at the University Co-op, but it is worth first asking classmates whether they have a spare card – there should be many old cards floating around campus.

    These instructions assume the use of the Windows XP operating system, and the illustrations are from the Japanese version of this OS. If you use Windows XP with a different language (such as English), some of the menu names will differ, but the steps should be the same.

    If you use a different operating system (such as a Mac OS, Linux or Vista), some of the steps themselves will differ.

    If you would like to help extend this guide to cover other operating systems, please get in touch!

Step 0

Wireless network device

In Windows XP, begin by opening the network connections menu. Do this by clicking on Start 「スタート」, then the connections item 「接続」, then the wireless network connections item 「ワイアレスネットワーク接続」, as shown in the illustration to the right. Windows XP computers sometimes have a slightly different Start menu; you may need to click around a little to find the wireless network device menu on your computer.

Step 1

Display wireless networks

The wireless device menu is shown to the right. In this menu, click on the button to show wireless networks, 「ワイアレスネットワークの表示」, circled in red in the illustration to the right.

Step 2

Request connection

Windows XP should display a window similar to that shown to the right. The University wireless network routers will show up with names beginning with nuwnet. Choose a nuwnet item with a strong signal (the strongest signals are at the top of the list), and highlight it by left-clicking on it with the mouse. After selecting a router, click on the connection button 「接続」to initiate the connection.

Step 3

Wait for connection

It may take a few seconds for your computer to complete the connection. While your computer is attempting to establish a connection, a window like that shown to the right will be displayed. The window should disappear when the connection is complete.

Step 4

Start a browser

When the connection has been established, you can immediately log onto the network system if you have a network account. If you do not yet have an account, you can create one online right away.

In either case, the next step is to start up a browser, as shown in the illustration to the right. (If you already have a browser running, you may need to stop and restart it in order to open the account creation/login menus.)

Step 5

Permit the connection

When your browser attempts to connect to the network, it will find an unknown security certificate and raise a security warning. This is normal, for the Nagoya University wireless network. Accept the certificate and permit the connection by clicking on the OK button 「はい(Y)」.

Step 6

Create your account

The login menu is shown to the right. If you do not yet have a wireless network account, you can create on by clicking on the registration link 「新規登録」, circled in red in the illustration to the right.

Step 7

Accept terms and conditions

Before you can create a network account, you must accept a set of terms and conditions, which are all written in Japanese. It is not clear whether these would be binding on someone who is unable to read them, but in any case, you can proceed to create an account by ticking the left-hand item 「承諾します」, and then clicking on the button to proceed to the registration form 「登録フォームへ」.

Step 8

Enter account details

In the registration form, shown to the right, enter the required details, as follows:

  1. Wireless network ID You can enter any personal ID that you like for your wireless network ID (so long as another user has not already claimed it). Be sure to choose an ID that is easy for you to remember.
  2. University ID This is the same 全学ID that you use to log onto University computers and the University mail system.
  3. University password This is the password for the 全学ID.
  4. Name Enter your full name in the fourth field.
  5. Affiliation Click on the fifth field and select your faculty from the list. For Law students, this will be the item containing the characters for law「法学」.
  6. Office If you know the room number of your office, enter it here.
  7. Status In the eighth field, select the appropriate item, either student 「学生」or academic staff 「教員」.
  8. Year of study In the ninth field, enter your year of study as a student (academic staff can set any value here).
  9. Telephone If you have a telephone, enter its number in the ninth field.
  10. Email You must enter an email address inside the domain in the tenth field. The email address connected to your University ID will work for this purpose.

After filling out the form, click on the registration button 「登録」.

Step 9

Enter ID and password

After your account is registered, you will be returned to the login form. Enter the ID that you chose, and for the password enter the email address that you entered in item 10 of the registration form.

Step 10

Accept connection (again)

Windows XP will again find the unknown security certificate, and raise a security warning. Accept the certificate again by clicking on the OK button 「はい(Y)」.

Step 11

Wait for login

The system should display a screen similar to that shown to the right. If you are impatient, you can click on the click here link.

Step 12

Click to the Internet!

If you reach a screen like that shown to the right, your login was successful (hurray). Your computer should now have a full connection to the Internet. You can click on the “from here” link 「ここから」to open the page your browser was originally attempting to access when the login process was triggered.