Frequently Asked Questions for the Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries
  1. Do students with a foreign diploma have any advantage over students who graduated from a domestic university?

    Answer: No, the Graduate School of Law Admissions Committee will thoroughly evaluate all applications in this regard on an equal basis.

  2. My master’s degree has no connection with law or political science. Am I still eligible to apply for LL.D program?

    Answer: Technically you are eligible to apply. However, preference is generally given to those candidates whose previous study is directly related to their research proposal.

  3. How many credit classes do students enrolled in the program need to attend?

    Answer: Students enrolled in the program are not required to take any credit classes.

  4. Are scholars/practitioners employed in private sector eligible for LL.D program admission?

    Answer: Yes. Candidates must be currently employed in government, not-for-profit groups, professional societies, or academic institutions, have at least three years of work experience in the relevant field or position, and demonstrate that their professional duties are related to law or political science.

  5. Will Nagoya University cover the transportation fee every time I visit your office in my home country from the place of my residence or employment?

    Answer: No, students must bear their own transportation and accommodation expenses, for any domestic trip.

  6. Does Nagoya University pay the scholarship even when I stay in my home country?

    Answer: No, a stipend is only to be paid when the student visits the main campus in Japan.

  7. Currently, I am enrolled in a separate Ph.D. program. Can I enroll in this program at the same time?

    Answer: No, Nagoya University will not allow a student to be simultaneously enrolled in two or more academic programs.

  8. Can I ask my referee to send the letter of recommendation directly to the university by e-mail?

    Answer: Yes. However, an original copy of the recommendation letter is required as a part of the application.